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Well now finally the meeting was really under way. Rhea recognized this lady, being in the Liaison division she worked with a lot of creatures, not just were-wolfs and house-elves. This lady was barking up the right tree.

She plaved the clip board down on the table and interlocked her fingers before speaking.
"Puffskeins are perhaps the most docile of wizarding creatures. They are spherical and almost all of them are covered in soft mustard coloured fur.I dare-say almost all house-holds have them." It was true, Puffskeins were incredibly common and most girls wanted to have them, because they were so cute.
"Most wizards have them because they can feed them just about anything. Apparently they find nose buggers are real treats too, so snotty nose kids be warned."
She relaxed back into her chair. had she missed anything? What else was there to know about Puffskeins?

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