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"Never would I subdue any creature, with or without magic, without first carefully assessing the situation. To do so would only, as you stated, terrify the creature and could bring harm to those in the surrounding area. And I don't like thinking of creatures as children... " Various personal reasons, he wouldn't go into them now. Nikos took a sip of his coffee. "I never said that a light stun would would harm anyone, just stating that if simply tying the creatures or caging them were an option, that's the path I would take. Like if there was more than one creature to subdue."

"For example, a while back Misty and I," He motioned to the woman sitting beside him. "Had to a remove a room full of doxies from the Education Department. Instead of simply stunnng the pesty creatures, we first assesed the situation, sprayed them with doxycide, caged them and brought them back to the holding room. Simply stunning the creatures wouldn't have worked." Not to mention it would've been hell carrying them back to the fourth floor without a cage. "Your choice of action depends on the creature at hand."
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