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... Uh-huuhh.. yeahh... Sarah had no clue what the man was mouthing to her. She wasn't very good at reading lips but she assumed that everyone else around her was. This seemed to be the case at that particular moment. Smiling, she just nodded her head and pretended to know what he was saying. Whatever. It probably wasn't THAAATT important.

Looking down at the coat that was still held out at her, she figured that it'd be rude of her to refuse. Riiigghht? Plus. She was still a leeeettle bit chilly. Smiling, Sarah took it and slipped it on. Ooooohhhhh... so warm. THAT definitely did the trick. She mouthed a thanks to the man and looked back over at Chad as he continued with the introduction of the conference.

... Kitty.

When was the kitty there? So confused. How did she not know there was a kitty there right next to her boss? And such a cuuuuuteee one too!

And then the unthinkable. This - this - this man. Wha-what was he SAYING? Was he thinking clearly? Was he hit in the head? Did he take the wrong pills this morning? He would stun a cuuuuuttteee kitty like... whatshisface? M-Mico? He would stun Mico? Look at that face! The cutest kitty face on the planet.

Ah. Someone sensible. Use the Homorphous Charm. And there went Carracio. Such an aggressive man towards such a delicate and CUUUTE creatures as Mico. But he was cautious. Sarah had to give him that. And cautious was GOOD.

Sarah continued to observe the employees and their answers, sipping her coffee cheerfully. Well this was fun.
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