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Originally Posted by SenoritaMaxie View Post
"I know, you've said that twice," Gold said. She stuck her tongue out at Mr. T, but beamed when he sat down.


"Change is good," Gold said, with a nod. "Helps you adapt and become flexible and all. Not get clingy." Not that she thought Torin and Brody were clingy. They were awesome, and they gave each other perfect space. "I'm glad you two have stuck together."

WHAT? "When?!" Gold eyed Mr. T. BAD Mr. T, for teasing her. "Majority is authority, Mr. T, and the majority thinks I'm amazing, sooo."


"'cause it's true." So she had better stop saying it wasn't or he would tickle her.

"It is. Even though I'm not really clingy. I hope." He eyed her suddenly. "She hasn't told you I'm clingy, has she?" Because it was true that they spent time together, he did like to give her space to see her friends and do other things. He wasn't one to suffocate her. "Of course. One year." His first anniversary ever. It was special to him.

"Just before. And majority doesn't see it that way." Because he was going with the majority as the amazing guy that he was.
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