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Originally Posted by As.Is View Post
Teegan gave the prat a smile, a large smile that if she had given it to a few people back home in Greece, they'd realize how much she was ticked off at the moment. "I continued to move out of the way, but seeing as your eyes were glued to the ceiling," Teegan stabbed a finger up at the ceiling locking her elbow for a moment before she let it fall back down to her side. "You didn't know where you walking and STILL continued to walk into me." She told him quietly, she had hardly ever raised her voice even when she was in the foulest of moods, one of them being right now. Usually something like this wouldn't have made her so uptight, but there was just something about that kid that she didn't like. "Do. Not. Blame. Me." She told him, pronouncing each word. "Are your cheeks turning red?" she asked off handly as she leaned forward to get a better look at his reddening cheeks. She wanted to laugh right there on the spot, but she'd save that when she was alone or any where without the kid there.
He glared at her with her...snottiness. And she was a Hufflepuff! Who knew they could be so rude? He was going to say something rude and storm off but she noticed his red cheeks. Damn. He was hoping she wouldn't but of course she would, wouldn't she? Her tone suggested that she was laughing at him and he could could feel his cheeks turn even more red. Which was just embarrassing. And that made him angry.

How could a Huffie girl embarrass him like that? She was going on his list. Right after that girl that got the whole Slytherin house in trouble. And this would be a solo job. He wouldn't have Leilani help him with this one. Wouldn't give him as much satisfaction. He didn't even care that she looked way older than him, probably sixth or seventh year, it didn't matter. She was making him angry and embarrassed and she was going to pay.

"NO! My cheeks are NOT turning red!" Jimbo was never really good at arguing and that also made him angry. The fact that she was standing there looking all prissy and he couldn't come up with anything clever to say. That was proved even more true when he tried to speak again. "You're a git." Clever. Oh so very, painfully clever.
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