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Hey Maxie

I see you're still plugging away at this story. I'm still here reading

she was, by nature, a reserved person, and she associated, for the most part, with people she knew well, people who were not likely to incur her wrath. Her sisters were, of course, an exception
Poor Andromeda, I know exactly the feeling. Yup yup. I'm usually cool, calm and collected, but throw my family in the mix and tempers flare and boil and you'd think you were in a sauna or in a kitchen with all the heat and fire going on ...

“It is one of the best balls the Wizarding World sees each year,” Bellatrix snapped, her cool breaking and anger setting in. “To refrain from attending would be to invite a scandal – The presence of the Blacks on a ball of such prestige is necessary.”
I would never have seen Bella as a socialite, this rings more to me like Cissy than Bellatrix, still, she's a Black and all, and given who their dear auntie was it doesn't surprise me they'd behave that way.

“You know that bug she has? Of speaking grand words - even French and Latin, which she knows fully well I am not well-versed with - and not just simple English that normal human beings can understand? You know, don't you?
I never thought of Andromeda as stupid but that honestly makes her sound very ignorant. Honestly, I've never thought of Andromeda except as Teddy's Nana. Still, for her to talk in such a way, tsk, tsk, tsk. What's wrong with learning a few foreign languages? I love how Stuck-up Bella is though, that is very in keeping with her upbringing.

The Black women are so temperamental, I love that Maxie, I must admit Your story is going great Maxie, don't make us wait too long, and don't bother moving it from the Romance section ... I know there are sparks of love here ... they'll turn into a flame sooner or later

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