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Originally Posted by Senoritas Maximus
But he had run off, laughing. Andra near about swore out loud, but then she grinned to herself, and turned away. He could run, for now -- she would get him, later.
Cutest ever! I can't help but feel these two have more than a fleeting friendship coming up, maybe? How close a cousin is he?

I thnk it's cute she likes her nickname too because it's unladylike I can't help feeling like quite possibly Andra doesn't like being a lady but wants to be a tomboy instead?

Neways, here again, always late but always here Loves *glomps* Pams and all that ... I shall return.

Originally Posted by To the Max!
Standing in front of her gold-edged full-length mirror, the teenager looked at own her reflection with admiration - it bordered, yes, on the verge of self-conceit, but she was not to blame: it was not her fault she had near-perfect features, or eyes the tincture of the deepest of nights - relishing, in quietude, the delicious cut of the grand, black gown three tailors had collaborated to stitch for her; and the neckline that shone in the illumination of her room, its decoration shapes of lovely, rhinestone clips.
I loved your whole description of the dress in all fairness but your attention to details, wow. That really floored me. I'm impressed Maxie, you see, when you want to you can be very descriptive and I must admit I do adore it.

Keep up the brilliant writing and Congratulations again on your Nano *cries in happiness for you*
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