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Originally Posted by jaiboi2 View Post
ok first off why would you want to buy this boxset coz you know fine well that at the end of the series there gonna do a lord of the rings trick and bring out an extended 20 disc boxset of all the harry potter movies once they have all finished and been released. i dont see the point in people having 2 or 3 copies of the same film and wasting there money whilst warner bros get richer. i know where coming out of a reccesion but come on guys dont be daft use your heads and wait till the end. yeah sure itll be cool to see some extra stuff in the boxset but they will include it all in the final special extended dvd boxset of all the movies. that will more than likely contain all the deleted scenes that were filmed but never made the final cut for example number 1 the battle of bellatrix and sirius in order of the phoenix as we all know that they filmed it coz its in the deleted scenes of the dvd, and 2 also in hlaf blood prince where dumbledore says to harry i am not worried i am with you thatll be in the forthcoming dvd release. to be honest there trying to squeeze as much money from people as possible as they know that this film franchise is coming to an end. i had a comment a few days ago saying that people were not feeding warner bros pockets they just use the extra income for a bigger film budget, wake up already they made 900 million from half blood prince and the film budget has already been set. yes this is another ploy to fill the greedy bosses at warner bros. if they were,nt greedy they would have kept critical parts in the movies such as the battle of belatrix and sirius, made the duel between dumbledore and voldermort last more than a mere 55 seconds and they could have included a better ending to half blood prince with the funeral and battle being cut that is. so i say save ya money and wait til 2012 and i reckon thats when the most satifying boxset of all will come out and buy it then. dont forget warner bros gets a huge profit from the new theme park in orlando thats opening in spring. using the money that they make from these extra dvds there bringing out for a bigger budget movie,,,,, dont make me
i so agree!! it's awesome!! but i'd rather save my money and wait for all dvds to release and i know its gonna be 10000x better and so worth it
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