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I believe that Narcissa is a normal human being who was raised to elitist beliefs. As Sirius states, no being is all good or bad--but are instead a mixture of the two. Narcissa does what is best for herself and her family. She believes that muggle-borns are of lower class, but does not bear the dark mark. When her son is in danger of death, she defies 'her master' (although she is not a death eater...or I'm not aware that she's a death eater) by asking Snape to keep him safe. She again defies her master saving Harry's life. I do not believe she saved Harry's life because she felt any sort of pitty for him. No, because as it states in the book she knew the only way to see her Draco was to go back to the castle and fight--which would only happen if Harry was indeed dead. I believe she also knew that if she risked Harry's life again by saying he was alive--her family would suffer a consiquence in the long run. Her family was already in peril. It was just a matter of time before the Dark Lord killed off her family.
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