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Ah...this was exciting.

Armen Recard opened the door to the Porkey Office and smiled this was now his Division. He smiled at a few of the employees stading nearby and those at their desks. He walked across the room to the large desk with the silver plaque saying Division Head with the name of his predessor on it. He flicked his wand and changed the writing to:

Armen Recard
Porkey Office Division Head
He placed his breifcase on the top of his desk that was pretty empty at the moment, which he needed to fill up soon. He turned to the room at large and spoke with a kind voice.

"Excuse me everyone. My name is Armen Recard and I am your new Division Head. I would really like it if we could all have a short meeting here for a few minutes before you all head of to lunch and the oh so wonderful food that gets you away from here for an hour or so." He laughed. "So..." he said rubbing his hands together and looking at the employees as they came forward. "Can anyone tell me what major things have been happening in the Division?"
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