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Just as Ben had expected, Taylor had given a phenominal answer and left Cooper in the dust. Her views and ideas for foreign relation outshined Cooper's by far. And he certainly didn't think that JUST because he was her campaign manager.

As she finished her answer, he cleared his throat and stood from his seat in the room, smoothing out his brand new suit as he walked up to the podium. Now that the debate was totally underway, he was anxious to keep the ball rolling. This next question was going to be a good one--the topic it covered was one of the reasons he was on Reagan's side, and since he had children of Hogwarts age, it definitely hit close to home.

"Thank you for sharing your delightful views on foreign policy," he began, flashing a smile at both Cooper and Taylor as he straightened his 6 foot tall frame at the podium. "My next question will first be directed to Ms. Taylor, and Mr. Cooper, you will have the opportunity to share your views once Ms. Taylor has answered."

He cleared his throat again before reading his question aloud. "What are some plans that you have to raise the Hogwarts quality of education and regain the trust of the students and Professors after what happened three years ago with the school separation?" he asked. He waited patiently for Reagan to answer, trying his hardest not to grin like an idiot in anticipation. He had to admit, he was more than interested in what Cooper had to say about this.

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