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It is hard to transfer a book to the screen. Order of the Phoenix obviously was going to lose alot. St Mungo's didn't need to be put in obviously but as said above the cleaning of grimmauld place would have been good. The movies don't foreshadow like the books, they just introduce something completely out of the blue and focus on that so you don't say "I remember them mentioning that in the last one".
I agree I was disappointed with the battle in Order of the Pheonix, I understand the whole flying/apparating thing was done to show the confusion of battle but they could have done that with them running. At least when the trio visit the MOM in DH the upper offices will be interesting to see and kept secret.
However if you kept all the scenes in it'd be far too long, Chamber of Secrets was too long and I was kinda disappointed with the chamber at the end. It was creepy but didn't creep me out as much as it did in the book, high temple, impressive and the feeling of being watched.
I don't think theres any one movie that needs to be entirely redone, just bits of each of them need tweaking.
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