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Hmm definately The Sorcerers Stone!! They missed a lot in that one(along with the other four he he).

1) Draco originally meets Harry in Madam Malkins Robe shop....
It would have been interesting to hear Draco's point of view on Hufflepuff and all that... (in the book we know that Draco would leave if he was sorted in Hufflepuff, they don't explain that in the movie)
We also hear his points of views on muggleborns.... (how their kind shouldn't be allowed in Hogwarts because they don't know about our world)

THAT... scene should have not been cut!!!!!!!!!

That is when we start to see the true side of Draco (we do later on in the movies but that scene is priceless)

Weasley in our King!! He always lets the Quaffle in!!!!! Weasely is our king:

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