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Originally Posted by UnicornDragonPatronus View Post
Edmund look at her. "Don't you have a spell for that sort of thing?" he asked, curious. "Well, I've got it anyway," he said, beginning to assemble the wood into a proper pile. Soon, that was done, and he used flint to ignite the timber. As it grew, he added larger and larger logs. Soon, the fire was roaring, and he looked over at McKenna. "That should do it," he said with a smile. "Fire's up!" he called to his friends.
"Well yes, but I forgot." she addmitted, a lite blush creeping to her cheeks.

McKenna watched him with interest as he lit a blazing fire. Perhaps a little too much interest, but that was beside the point...

It was pretty and it felt nice to be warm after being soaked by the freezing rain.

"It looks great... and feels great too." she complimented, giving him a whole hearted grin.

McKenna gave them a friendly smile as others came around to join them. "Nice to have a fire, isn't it?" she said, trying to start a conversation and get theirs and her own mind off Clarissa.

Lucy wandered over to the fire, her toes curling in as she felt them warm up, Lucy pulled her soaking stocking off. Feeling much better, the young girl let out a contented sigh, holding her hands out to the warmth of the fire her brother had made.
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