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Default makes another post because she can to get things happening around here again...
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Madison looked at Tonya for a moment as she tilted her head to the side. "Some I believe are people being a bit paranoid...but that is just my opinion," she began thinking a little more about it. "I mean, some of what they described, you could do the same on a broom. And...brooms are legal." She didn't want to lure Tonya in any way to either side, she wanted to remain neutral, but at that moment, she just had to say what was on her mind.

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Mean while...... -hears music in the background-

After what seemed to be a few weeks later (or according to Madison's watch it was), Madison sat at her desk. It was back to the way things used to be, not busy. She couldn't stand it. She had to have something to do to keep her mind off of...things. Worried, panic, moody..well, not so much of moodiness as it was the other two, she had to keep her mind occupied and quickly.

Lorraine seemed to be out of her office for the time being so there was no going in and having a chat about things that needed to take place or other offices that might need a little extra help. To her, everything seemed to be okay as she continued to work on the coffee bit for their office floor.

Coffee! That was it, she needed some. Maybe it would get the blood pumping faster and give her the adrenaline that she needed. Well, if what she suspected was true, that would be harmful, none the less. Something she could not do.

She tapped her fingers to the office desk as her nerves began to frustrate her. She knew she had to write another letter, but it was bothering her. Almost as if she couldn't say anything unless she was positive of the outcome. But she had to tell him, fill him in on the circumstances that were playing in her mind. Five days. That was all it took to create the monster that was inside of her at the moment. GAH! She didn't want to speak to anyone except for one person.

She pulled out her parchment and took hold of a quill and began to scribble a letter out. One that she had to write and one that could make things a little worse than what they were.

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