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45. Tarantallegra
(a ficlet, kind of, continued from ficlet #12)

After Malfoy ran out of the hall, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione made their way to the dance floor. While Harry, Ginny and Hermione started to dance, Ron just stood there.

You guys look foolish” Ron said.

At least we are having fun” Ginny and Hermione said simultaneously.

As the dance went on, Ron just stood despite Harry trying to persuade him to join in. Ginny leaned over to tell Hermione something over the roar of the Weird Sisters music. Hermione walked over to Ron and gave him a big hug, but Harry noticed she grabbed him wand out of his jacket on the process.

Wondering what was about to happen, Harry kept his mouth shut. Ginny pointed her wand at Ron’s feet and whispered “Tarantallegra.”

Ron began to dance wildly, and the other three began to snicker loudly. Realizing what had happened thrust his hand into his jacket and to his dismay found that his wand wasn’t there.

Harry, Hermione and Ginny then went over to get something to drink, leaving Ron dancing crazily by himself. After an hour, they returned to the dance floor and released the spell on Ron, who fell to the floor exhausted.
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