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Originally Posted by Lightsoutxxnyc View Post
pretty good start so far.
And I think I have an idea who her cousin is.
Hehehe, well dont give anything away. Hehehe lol just kidding. you wont find out until a few chpters later sorry.

Originally Posted by SenoritaMaxie View Post
Nice work, hun. =

SS has lots of people who could make that for you. You just have to let them know exactly what you want it to look like. You could request your banner here. Cheers.


Also, if you have trouble with spellings, you could get someone to proof-read your updates before you post them. This should help.

Looking forward to more posts, here. I'm sure you could develop this diary to make it very, very interesting. Good luck. =]

Thanks for the info I'll try them later. thanks for reading this
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