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50. Waddiwasi

Grunting, Harry moved his hand away from the doorknob, stretching the bright pink bubble gum along with it.

He had not realized that even in the Gryffindor common room people still enjoyed picking on him. He was being made a laughing stock not only in the wizarding world because of the Daily Prophet, but also at Hogwarts. In the past week, Harry had been tripped, had his book bag rip open, fallen in the restroom where someone has made the floor slippery, and several times placed his hand on a gum covered doorknob.

He turned toward a group of snickering 3rd years. They were not conspicuous about the fact that they were laughing at him.

Waddiwasi,” Harry spoke pointing his wand at his hand then the doorknob. The gum clumped into four pink masses. Harry then pointed his wand toward the group of 3rd years, placing gum on each one of their heads without them noticing.

He then called out, “Hey guys you have something in your hair.

They all pushed the gum onto their hands and hair, becoming angry. Harry didn’t see any of this because he had walked into his room, slamming the door behind him.
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