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Post Emma Watson birthday video (UPDATED)

Emma Watson has shot a video for her fans to thank them for all the birthday wishes she’s received.

The video is of Emma in costume as Hermione in her rather messy dressing room at Leavesden Studios, Watford, England.

Hello everyone at EmmaWatsonOfficial! Today I am 18! I can’t actually believe it, it’s so exciting. I just wanted to send you all a message, to thank you all for your birthday wishes. I’m in my dressing room at Leavesden, just had my hair and make up done, had breakfast and I’m heading down to the set.
For those interested, Emma apparently had strawberries and Nutella for her birthday breakfast!

You can view the video here.

Thanks to Sue at Leaky for e-mailing!

UPDATE: The video has now been uploaded to YouTube;

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