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Originally Posted by Jenster View Post
"But surely were it erect it would be more intimidating to others," Marco smiled. He knew erect things intimidated others.

He eyed the plant. It looked spiky. He pressed his finger to the spine. Ow that bloody hurt. He accidentally knocked the plant over. The soil spilt on the desk. He looked around, picked the plant up and swept the soil into Cassandra's bag infront of him.
"Marco, stop your line of thinking there before you hurt yourself."

Originally Posted by baybgal6735 View Post
"So we won't make it too hot or cold, because that would endanger our plants." Alandra said as she raised her hand.
"Not quite, though it is best to make sure a plant is in the right temperature zone. 2 points."

Originally Posted by aussiegirl View Post
"So that we can see how the plant reacts as the temperature changes from day to day" Kayla replied as she jotted down todays temperature on her parchment.
"Very good. It can help quite a bit. 3 points."

Originally Posted by XanaSnape View Post
"Because the ambient temperature in the room -- as well as the humidity-- can affect the condition of the plant, so it's important to note the temperature and barometric readings of the habitat that the plant is in, so that you can determine how the plant reacts to various environments. This would also help you to know how it might fare in various climates and regions." Xana answered.
"Excellent, Xana. 4 points. Particularly in an experimental setting, it is necessary to make sure we record as many environmental factors as possible."

Originally Posted by Storm
"Adjusting how much sun the plant is getting, how much water it needs, and where its ideal range is are all factors based upon the temperature." Apedemak spoke without looking up from the notes that he scrawled in his journal. "Also, if it is a plant that is unfamiliar to you, recording the temperature and observing the plant is one way of determining its preferences."
"Well said, Apedemak. 4 points. You can tell much about the environment, and the plants' needs, by temperature alone. And as you mentioned it is also a way to get to know a plant. If it is wilting, for instance, despite being well watered then you may want to move the plant to a cooler location."

"To track what the plant prefers best." Cassandra said as she wrote down the temperature in her Journal. "This way you can adjust it the following day to make it more confortable."
"Thank you Cassandra, 3 points."

"Now, as Xana mentioned, there are various factors tied in with temperature. It's easy to maintain these factors in a controlled setting such as the greenhouses, but plants outside are a bit different. Go ahead and record that this classroom is at 23% humidity. I mentioned that there could be several entries per plant per day. Why would this be?"
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