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Default Session 1 Rosters
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Gryffindor Team
Seeker: Agie Rae Brandywine [SweetAussie] - Captain
Keeper: Anna Greingoth [MuggleBornWitch3]
Chaser: Gwen Minton [FoxFire]
Chaser: Kerry Brandywine [shortfry]
Chaser: Heather Malfoy [springbaby]
Beater: Katerina Savoy [Macavity]
Beater: Jason Potter Weasley [Jason Potter Weasley]

Ravenclaw Team
Seeker: Qaz Windsong (tljunkin)
Keeper: Touy Dun (Freya)
Beater: Brianna Evans (LovelyLunaLovegood)
Beater: Tagren Sevens (Seeker_Seven) - Captain
Chaser: Ryan Lee (cake.ninjak)
Chaser: Hermy Smythe (hermygirl)
Chaser: Rhiannon Todd (SilverTiger)

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