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Callie silently walked down the halls. She had to do her job and help out anyway she could to find clues for these missing students since almost half were in her house. Luckily she had her handy dandy spy kit with her that had finger print stuff, a listening device, and other cool things that would blow any eleven year old mind. Hmm I should give Aiden one of these, and for his little prairie dog too.

As she got closer to the Proffesor's door she recognized the from one of the article's in the latest Quill. She giggled as she remembered it was on one of the top ten things to prank. Hmmm. Imight actually try this prank next time. With Aiden of course. Issy not so much. It might ruin her prefect little row of O's.

As she got to the door, she bent down and put her kit on the floor and opened it up like a briefcase. She took out the rubber gloves and put them on each hand, having a little snap when each one went on. She took the finger print and stuffed the hearing ear in her pocket and started doing her investigative work.

She first put the powder on the door nob, and was about to take the finger prints on the door to see who had been there when she heard two voices inside. Forgetting all about the finger prints, she pulled out her ears and began to listen. Maybe I will catch something that will interest people. I see some gossip for the Quill. Callie was hoping she also wouldn't get caught.
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