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39. Sectumsempra

Harry was flying on a peaceful night. He was heading to Ron and Hermione’s house, where he had been invited for dinner. Nothing seemed to be wrong, and Harry’s life had been normal, or as normal as wizard’s life could be, for quite some time now. He glanced at his watch, to find that he was running late, which he seemed to be doing quite often nowadays.

Looking up from his watch, he saw three flashes of red sparks quickly followed by the Dark Mark. Harry laid himself flat on his broom and zipped forward. With a loud thump, Harry landed in front of his friend’s house, the bright green light emitted from the Dark Mark above.

Harry flung through the door, wand ready, but no one in sight. He passed through the kitchen, to the hallway. Ron’s body lay unmoving in the hall, a shattered picture frame on top of him. Harry rushed into the bedroom; Hermione lay next to the bed, her wand clutched in her lifeless grasp.

Hello, Potter” said a voice, “Remember me? Sectumsempra” Harry felt the deep pain as the spell hit; Harry caught a glimpse of Malfoy leaving, before passing out.
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