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32. Petrificus Totalus

“HARRY, DON’T,” Hermione yelled. Harry barely heard her and kept running down the dark corridor. The blood pulsed in his ears, and the sound of his footsteps echoed off the walls. His wand was out and he could only think of what he was after.

HARRY,” Hermione kept yelling, “HARRY,” but it was no use Harry kept going, not listening of caring what she had to say.

“HARRY, listen to me.” Hermione screamed. “Well, if you’re not going to listen to me, Petrificus Totalus.” The spell erupted from Hermione’s wand and hit Harry square in the back. Harry’s body bound to itself and Harry hit the floor face first.

Hermione caught up with him quickly, and flipped him onto his back.
“Now you have to listen to me,” Hermione said desperately,
“Have you thought for a second about what you’re doing?” Hermione was in tears, “And I know it hurts, but we just have to-” With a flash of green light, Hermione was blasted backwards, dead. Harry felt his bind disappear but could not do anything, “Just another Mudblood.” The hooded man said as he emerged from the shadows.

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