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Post Video: Dan Radcliffe on Sky News Showbiz

Daniel Radcliffe teams up with December Boys director, Rod Hardy, and gives another interview about his new film conducted by Sky News Showbiz!

NineMSN also conducted an interview with the two.

Q: So Rod, you've had a lot of investment in this film, but Daniel, what was it that attracted you to this film? Why an Australian production?

DR: Now that is a question that has only been asked in Australia and I don't know why that is but everyone in Australia thinks that it's quite unlikely that I would do a film in Australia. Look, for me, it just happened that it was an Australian production. I wasn't specifically looking for an Australian movie, it was just that by far and away, this was the best script I read. A good script and I'd go anywhere. It really didn't make any difference where it comes from.
Q: Rod, do you think that audiences will notice the other young stars, including Teresa Palmer and the young boys, with Daniel on screen? He is obviously the person everyone knows out there.

RH: Egotistically I'll say that if I have done my job properly then they will because the story will - Marc Rosenberg did his job properly, he wrote a really good screenplay, and my job is to be the story teller, to move it onto the screen. If I did that then I think there is no question about it. I believe we've done that because audiences that have seen it so far that have either been the young fans that are really into Daniel or Harry Potter say, or will tell you - as soon as you see that he has hairy legs you tend to forget.

DR: In terms of doing the right job, my job as an actor in this film is to do my bit and fade into the background when I'm not driving the story forward and that's what all the actors do.

RH: And because his character at the beginning really didn't say very much, it was quite interesting watching Daniel as an actor. Because if you want to be the 'Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter' watcher, your attention goes to him, but what Daniel delivered with no dialogue you could tell there was something churning over constantly. And that's what to me what a good actor can do, they can get your attention and you can really understand their thinking.
See the rest of the interview here.

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