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well I am going to hate not having another harry potter book to look forward to!!!. I admit honestly, I never cried at the books, I just got really friggin ****** off at rowlings for killing my first and second favorite characts. I know I may sound weird, but dumbledore was my favorite character. I loved dumbledore more than harry. my second favorite was sirius. I guess I have harrys perspective. I can see what harry saw in dumbledore. his wise saying and his knowledge made him feel like a great mighty wizard he was. yes, It sounds crazy, but harry wasnt my favvie. and the US version is really cool, but If that is the locket on the adult version, I honestly expected a better design than that!!!!!. If harry dies, I will kill rowlings.J/k. but I will be sooo ****** that people wull flinch and thnk im going to throw the dang book at
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