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Professor Severus Snape

Snape was entrusted with the task of smuggling the Dark Lord's daughter out of Durmstrang, keeping her safe over the summer, and delivering her to Hogwarts. During the summer, he began to experience feelings for his charge. The feelings were mutual and resulted in his doing something he would later come to regret. His lack of emotional support pushed Marcella toward her father. (see Light met the Dark and Shone)

Arriving back at Hogwarts, he distanced himself from Marcella and used his daughter, Kristi, to spy on her. Eventually, Kristi's identity was revelaed and Snape found himself in close contact with Marcella once again. His love for her was rekindled and he made some more poor choices.

Kristi was dead and he presumed Marcella dead, as well. In his grief he used the Cruciatus curse on one of Marcella's friends. Marcella was not dead, however and the two went into hiding from the ministry. Eventually, he went with Dumbledore to turn himself in. As this RP starts, Snape is in Azkaban Prison, awaiting trial.


The embittered daughter of Snape, she has spent her entire time at Hogwarts as her father's spy. Quiet and skulking in corners, to the other Slytherins, she was a weakling who belonged in Hufflepuff. Little did they know that she was monitoring their every move.

For several months she had managed to keep her cover after Marcella had arrived. However, as she formed her first friendship with a first year, Kristi found herself face-to-face with Marcella and her freinds. Ditching the first year, Kristi makes her way into Marcella's circle of friends. Eventually, her true identity as Snape's daughter is revealed and she finds out about Snape and Marcella's relationship.

Believing that the only way her father and Marcella could be together would be if she were gone, Kristi faked her own death and planned to run off. However, she ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, by being at her father's cottage when he and Marcella arrive to hide out from the ministry. She aids in their escape to 12 Grimmauld Place, but her efforts were in vain as he decides to turn himself in, anyway. As this RP starts, Kristi is at 12 Grimmauld Place with Marcella and Archie.

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