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Ginny awakens to find herself in a strange cave. She gets up and runs for the exit when suddenly, mermen start appearing, blocking her escape. (For the purpose of this narrative, mermen have the ability to move about on land) She runs back to try and find another way out, and still she is blocked by mermen. She performs a kind of ballet with them until she trips and falls at the feet of a man. She looks up into his snake-like face as he begins to sing and tap-dance.

"That's What It's All About."
Why'd you run away?
Don't you like my ... style?
Why don't you come and play?
I guarantee a...
...great big smile.
I come from the
And I'm here strictly by your
Invocation [holds up a scroll covered with writing]
So what do you say?
Why don't we dance awhile?
I'm the hot swing
I'm the twist and shout
When you gotta sing,
When you gotta ... let it out.
You call me and I come a-running [dances back toward Ginny]
I turn the music on
I bring the fun in
Now we're partyin'
That's what it's all about. [chuckles]
VOLDEMORT: 'Cause I know ... what you feel, girl.
VOLDEMORT: I know just what you feel, girl.
GINNY: (spoken, nervous) So ... you're like a good demon, now? Bringing the fun in?
VOLDEMORT: (smiles)
All these melodies ... [Ginny sits]
They go on too long
Then that energy
Starts to come on way too strong
All those hearts laid open, that must sting
Plus, some customers just start combusting
That's the penalty [dances back over to her]
When life is but a song.
You brought me down and doomed this town
So, when we blow this scene
Back we will go to my kingdom below
And you will be my queen
'Cause I know what you feel, girl [dances up onto the stage]
No, you see
You and me
Wouldn't be very regal
VOLDEMORT: I'll make it real, girl [dancing around the stage]
What I mean
I'm fifteen
So this queen thing's illegal
VOLDEMORT: [jumps back onto the floor]
I can bring whole cities to ruin
And still have time to get a soft-shoe in
Well, that's great
But I'm late
And I'd hate to delay him
VOLDEMORT: [dancing around her]
Something's cooking, I'm at the griddle
I bought Nero his very first fiddle
He’ll get ******
If I'm missed
See, my friend is Harry Potter
VOLDEMORT: (spoken) Harry Potter?
DAWN: (nods, nervously) Yuh-huh.
VOLDEMORT: (chuckles, turns to mermen minions) Find him. Tell him ... tell him everything. (Ginny looks nervous) Just get him here. I want to see Potter burn.
VOLDEMORT: ( ) Now we're partying. That's what it's all about.
(end )

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