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MacBoon – Wizarding family that is said to once have lived on Drear and have been transfigured into Quintapeds
MacBoon, Quintus - Chief of the MacBoons
Macdonald, Magnus ‘Dent-Head’ - A wizard who in the 60’s campaigned for Creaothceann’s reintroduction
Macdonald, Mary - Gryffindor student when attending Hogwarts, picked on by Mulciber
MacDougal, Morag – Student in Harry’s year
MacFarlan, Hamish - Captain of the Montrose Magpies in 1957-68 and followed his Quidditch career with a period as Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports
MacFusty - Wizarding clan on the Hebrides who looks after the Hebredian Black dragons
MacMillan, Ernie - Hufflepuff student and Prefect in Harry’s year, member of the DA
Macnair, Walden – Executioner and Death Eater
Mad-Eye Moody - Nickname for Moody
Madley, Laura - Hufflepuff student
Maeve, Queen - Taught students witchcraft before Hogwarts was founded
Malcom - Friend of Dudley’s
Malecrit - French wizard that wrote plays
Malfoy, Abraxas – Grandfather of Draco Malfoy
Malfoy, Draco - Slytherin student and Prefect in Harry year. Seeker, enemy of Harry and Ron’s, and member of the Inquisitorial Squad; accidental posessor of the Elder Wand, married and had son Scorpius
Malfoy, Lucius - Draco’s father, Weasley enemy, Death Eater caught and in Azkaban, previous Prefect while at Hogwarts
Malfoy, Narcissa - Draco’s mother, cousin of Sirius, called "Cissy" by Bellatrix; allowed Harry to live in hopes of seeing Draco alive
Malfoy, Scorpius - Son of Draco Malfoy
Malkin (Madam) – Witch who owns Madam Malkin’s Robes in Diagon Alley
Marchbanks, Griselda - A witch who resigned from the Wizengamot, Head of the Wizarding Examinations Authority
Marius - Gringotts security guard with a probity probe; confunded by Harry
Marjoribanks, Beaumont - Famous wizard who excelled in Herbology
Marsh (Madam) - A witch that often uses the Knight Bus
Martha – Employee at the orphanage where Tom Riddle grew up
Mason Mr. – Muggle, a wealthy man that did business with Mr. Dursley
Mason, Mrs. – Muggle, victim of Dobby
Maxime, Olympe (Madam) – Giantess Headmistress of Beauxbatons
McClivert - Wizarding family that is said to have lived on Drear and transfigured several McBoons into Quintapeds
McClivert, Dugald - Chief of the McCliverts killed in a duel by Quintus MacBoon
McCormack, Catriona - Played Chaser and was Captain for Pride of Portree.; played for Scotland 36 times
McCormack, Kirley - Lead guitarist in the Weird Sisters, son of Catriona
McCormack, Meghan - Keeper for Pride of Portree, daughter of Catriona
McDonald, Natalie - Gryffindor student
McGonagall, Minerva (Prof.) – Transfiguration teacher, Head of Gryffindor and Deputy Headmistress (possibly now headmistress). Animagus and patronus in the form of a cat, member of the OOTP
McGuffin, Jim - Muggle weatherman (the day Harry was given to his aunt and uncle)
McKinnons (The) - Family killed by Voldemort supporters
McKinnon, Marlene - Member of the 1st OOTP, killed by Death Eaters
McLaggen, Cormac – Gryffindor student and temporary keeper, member of the Slug Club
McTavish, Tarquin - Famous wizard, imprisoned for crimes against his muggle neighbour
Meadowes, Dorcas - Member of the 1st OOTP, killed by Voldemort
Meliflua, Araminta - Cousin of Sirius’ mother
Merlin - A famous wizard known as the greatest wizard of all time
Merrythought, Galatea – Old Hogwarts Professor
Merwyn the Malicious - Famous wizard, created many nasty curses and jinxes
Midgen, Eloise - Hufflepuff student
Moaning Myrtle - Hogwarts ghost that was killed by the Basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets in 1952
Mockbridge, Cuthbert - Head of the Goblin Liaison Office
Mollywobbles – Nickname Mrs Weasley likes her husband to call her in private
Montague - Slytherin student, Chaser and Captain, member of the Inquisitorial Squad
Montgomery – Sisters at Hogwarts whose brother was attacked by a werewolf
de Montmorency, Laverne - Famous witch, invented love potions
Moody, Alastor “Mad-Eye” - Former Auror and DADA teacher, member of the OOTP
Moon – Student in Harry’s year
Moony - Lupin’s nickname at school
Mopsus - Famous greek wizard
Moran - Irish Chaser in the World Cup 1994
Morgan, Gwendolyn - Player for the Holyhead Harpies in 1953
Morgana - Famous witch, enemy of Merlin
Mortlake - A wizard
Mostafa, Hassan - Egyptian Quidditch referee in the in the World Cup Final 1994, Chairwizard of the International Association of Quidditch
Mulciber - Caught Death Eater; while at Hogwarts, known for hanging out with Snape and other "bad kids"
Muldoon, Burdock - Famous wizard, chief of the Wizard Council in the 14th century
Mullet - Irish Chaser in the World Cup 1994
Mumps, Zacharias - Wizard who in 1398 wrote the first description of Quidditch, and anti-muggle security
Munch, Eric - Watchwizard at the Ministry
Muriel – Aunt of the Weasley children
Murray, Eunice – Former Seeker for the Montrose Crows, once petitioned for a ‘faster Snitch because this is just too easy’. Died in 1942


Nearly Headless Nick/ Mimsy-Porpington, Nicholas de (Sir)- Gryffindor ghost that was partially beheaded 31st October 1492
Nettles, Madam Z. - Witch who lives in Topsham, Gilderoy Lockhart fan
Nigellus, Phineas - Former Headmaster of Hogwarts, Sirius’ great-great-grandfather
Nott (Mr) - Death Eater
Nott, Theodore - Slytherin student in Harry’s year
Nutcombe, Honoria - Famous witch, founded the Society for the Reformation of Hags

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