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Karkaroff, Igor - Former Headmaster of Durmstrang, former caught Death Eater who betrayed Voldemort and the Death Eaters by giving names. Was released and later killed
Karkus - A dead Gurg of the giants
Keddle, Gertie - Witch who lived on the edge of the Queerditch Marsh in the 11-century. She kept a diary that’s on display in the Museum of Quidditch in London
Keitch, Randolph - Player for Falmouth Falcons, inventor of the Comet broom in 1929
Ketteridge, Elladora - Famous witch who discovered the use of Gillyweed
Kettleburn ( Prof) – Former Care of Magical Creatures professor
Kevin - Little wizard at the World Cup
Kirke, Andrew - Gryffindor Beater
Kneen, Godwin - Quidditch player from the 12th century
Kneen, Gunhilda - Wife of Godwin
Knightley, Montague - Famous wizard, wizard chess champion
Krum, Mr - Viktor Krum's father
Krum, Mrs - Viktor Krum's mother
Krum, Viktor - Durmstrang student, Triwizard champion, Bulgarian Seeker in the World Cup 1994


Lachlan the Lanky - Famous wizard who has a statue in hogwarts
LaFolle, Fifi - Famous witch and author
Leanne – Hogwarts student and friend of Katie Bell
Lestrange, Bellatrix - Death Eater, cousin of Sirius, currently at large
Lestrange, Rabastan - Death Eater at large, brother of Rudolphus
Lestrange, Rodolphus – Death Eater at large, brother of Rabastan, married to Bellatrix
Levski - Bulgarian Chaser the World Cup 1994
Llewellyn, "Dangerous" Dai - A famous Quidditch player
Lochrin, Guthrie - A Scottish wizard who lived around 1100 AD
Lockhart, Gilderoy – Former DADA teacher, popular Author and fraud. Lost his memory after Ron’s wand backfired landing him in St. Mungo’s Hospital
Longbottom, Alice - Neville’s mother and member of the 1st OOTP, tortured by Death Eaters to insanity, currently in St. Mungo’s Hospital
Longbottom, Augusta - Neville’s grandmother with whom he lives
Longbottom, Frank - Neville’s father and member of the 1st OOTP, tortured by Death Eaters to insanity, currently in St. Mungo’s Hospital
Longbottom, Neville - Gryffindor student in Harry’s year, member of the DA; killed Nagini, destroying the Horocrux within the snake; became Herbology professor
Lovegood (Mrs.) - Deceased mother of Luna
Lovegoods - Wizard family who lives near Ottery St. Catchpole
Lovegood, Luna - Ravenclaw Student and member of the DA
Lovegood, Xenophilius - Editor of the Quibbler and father of Luna; long, candyfloss, dirty, unkept hair; tried to turn Harry over to the Ministry in hopes of having Luna returned to him
Loxias - Took the Elder Wand from Barnabas Deverill, whom he later had killed
Lufkin, Artemisia - Famous witch, first female Minister for Magic
Lupin, Remus John (Prof) – Werewolf and former DADA teacher, a marauder, friend of James Potter, member of the OOTP; was on show "Potterwatch" under name Romulus; married to pregnant Tonks; murdered at war in Hogwarts
Lupin, Teddy Remus - Son of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin; named after Ted Tonks; godson of Harry Potter
Lynch, Aidan - Irish Chaser in the World Cup 1994

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