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Default Character List
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All information gathered from the Harry Potter Series novels, and from


Abbott, Hannah - Hufflepuff student in Harry’s year, Prefect, and Member of the DA
Abbott, Mrs - Hannah's mother, now deceased
Abercrombie, Euan - Gryffindor student
Acklery, Stewart - Ravenclaw student
Aesalon, Falco - First recorded Animagus
Agnes - Witch in St. Mungo’s Hospital
Agrippa, Cornelius - Famous wizard imprisoned for his writings
Alderton, Archibald - Famous wizard cook
Alderton, Arkie - Well-known broomstick designer; suspected proprietor of Arkie Alderton's Kwik-Repair Shop
Alecto – Death Eater, sister of Amycus
Algie - Neville’s great uncle
Amycus – Death Eater, brother of Alecto
Andros the Invincible - Famous wizard, produced a patronus the size of a giant
Archie - Man at the Quidditch World Cup
Aubrey, Bertram – Old Hogwarts student
Aunt Marge - What Harry has to call Marjorie Dursley
Aunt Petunia - What Harry calls Petunia Dursley
Avery, ? - A Death Eater, attended Hogwarts with Tom Riddle
Avery, ? - Death Eater, attended Hogwarts with Severus Snape


Badock, Malcom - Slytherin student
Bagman, Ludovic (Ludo) - Head of the Dpt. of Magical Games and Sports, former beater for the Wimbourne Wasps
Bagman, Otto - Ludo’s brother
Bagman, Snr. - Father of Ludo and Otto, friends with Rookwood
Bagnold, Millicent - Former Minister of Magic
Bagshot, Bathilda - An author
Barbary, Heathcote - Member of the Weird Sisters
Barkwith, Musidora - Famous witch and musician
Barnabas the Barmy - Wizard in the tapestry across from the Room of Requirement
Baruffio - Wizard famous for mispronouncing a spell
Bashir, Ali - Wizard who wants to import Flying Carpets to the UK
Basil - Ministry wizard
Baylis, Hetty - A muggle who spotted the Ford Anglia
Beamish, Oswald - Famous wizard, pioneer of Goblin rights
Belby, Flavius - Famous wizard that survived a Lethifold attack in 1782
Belby, Marcus - Ravenclaw student
Belcher, Humphrey - Wizard who thought time was ripe for cheese cauldrons
Bell, Katie - Gryffindor Chaser and member of the DA
Benson, Amy - Child at the orphanage where Tom Riddle grew up
Bilius - One of Ron’s uncles who died after seeing the grim
Binns, Cuthbert (Prof) – Ghost teacher of History of Magic at Hogwarts
Bishop, Dennis - Child at the orphanage where Tom Riddle grew up
Black - An old family of Voldemort supporters, line now gone with the death of Sirius
Black, Alphard - Sirius’ Uncle
Black?, Elladora - Siruis' Aunt
Black, Mrs - Sirius' Mother
Black, Regulus - Sirius’ little brother; Death Eater supposedly killed by Voldemort
Black, Sirius - An innocent, convicted murderer. A marauder, James Potter's best friend and Harry’s godfather. An Animagus (dog), Member of the OOTP, and now deceased.
Blane, Balfour - Famous wizard, established the Committee on Experimental Charms
Blenkinsop, Timothy - Wizard and Puddlemere United supporter
Bletchley, Miles - Slytherin Keeper
Bloody Baron, The - The Slytherin ghost; murdered Helena Ravenclaw when she refused to turn home with him - when he realized what he'd done he killed himself and kept himself in chains as an act of penitence
Bloxam, Beatrix - Famous witch and author
Boardman, Stubby - Rock artist that is supposedly Sirius (according to the Quibbler)
Bobbin, Melinda - Member of the Slug Club
Bode, Broderick - An unspeakable, deceased
Bogrod - Goblin Imperiused by Harry at Gringotts
Bole - Slytherin Beater
Bonaccord, Pierre - First Supreme Mugwump
Bones- Wizard family killed by Voldemort
Bones, Amelia Susan - Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, killed in HBP
Bones, Edgar - Member of the 1st OOTP killed by Death Eaters, brother of Amelia Bones
Bones, Mrs Snr. - Killed by Death Eaters
Bones, Susan - Hufflepuff student in Harry’s year
Bonham, Mungo - Famous wizard who founded St. Mungo's
Boot, Terry - Ravenclaw student in Harry’s year, member of the DA
Boothby, Gladys - The witch that invented the Moontrimmer
Borage, Libatius - Author of Advanced Potion Making
Borgin, (Mr) - Owner of Borgin and Burkes
Bott, Bertie - Maker of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
Bozo - Wizard, Daily Prophet photographer
Bradley - Ravenclaw Chaser
Bragge, Barbeus - Famous wizard, chief of the Wizard Council in 1269
Brand, Rudolf - Captain on the Heidelberg Harries in 1953
Brankovitch, Maximus III - American Quidditch player for the Fitchburg Finches, captained America in the last 2 World Cups
Branstone, Eleanor - Hufflepuff student
Broadmoor, Karl - Wizard who played beater for the Falmouth Falcons from 1958-69
Broadmoor, Kevin - Wizard who played beater for the Falmouth Falcons from 1958-69
Brocklehurst, Mandy - Ravenclaw student in Harry’s year
Brookstanton, Rupert "Axabanger" - R.A.B candidate
Brown, Lavender - Gryffindor student in Harry’s year, member of the DA
Bryce, Frank - Muggle gardener killed by Voldemort
Bulstrode, Millicent - Slytherin student in Harry’s year, member of the Inquisitorial Squad
Bundy, K - Hogwarts Student
Bungs, Rosalind Antigone – Renowned witch
Burbage, Charity - Taught Muggle Studies at Hogwarts. She wrote a passage in the Daily Prophet claiming that wizards and non-wizards are equal; she was soon murdered by Voldemort
Burke, Caractacus – One of the founders of Borgin and Burkes

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