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I liked the fact that we had to drafts, usually I hate doing that, but all the feedback was great, thanks.

I think I would've had a hard time picking a subject if I wasn't the quidditch journalist, because everyone wants to do the school plot but 5 people can't do it. Is suppose the Merlin's Beard thread in the Suggestion Box would be useful.

I personally think that the time-line was fine, it wouldn't make much of a diffrence to me since I'd probably still do it last minute... But perhaps a longer amount of time before the first draft, my first draft was particularly awful because half of my article needed the interview answers which I did not have. Also I noticed that I was a journalist two days before we had to give the first draft, if I had waited a few more days before comming online, I would have been in big trouble... I don't know if anyone else actually had this problem but when I interviewed demented_death_eater, the first line was something like this: Sorry, this is short noticed but I learnt about this yesterday and it's due tomorrow.

Otherwise, I had fun writting the article and look forward to reading the quill ant to writting again next year.

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