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Ahhhh, apparently 1 hour of MSN a day was too much for my parents *sighs* I don't have it anymore, but thanks for the suggestions, I just want to make sure my article is not seen as cocky... 'Specially that I'm in the Claw's quidditch Team... I want to make it as neutral as possible. Interviewing the Slytherin Quidditch Captain sounds interesting. I sent a few questions (in IC) to Kay. 'Nyways, I'm just gonna put lots of details

Oh yes, and perhaps you want me to put this in the FAQ or not in this forum at all, if so, I'll edit but just a quick question:
Is it because I'm a journalist that I can see the House Elves Headquarters Forum... Because since I've been one, it's been visible, but I don't think I'm supposed to see it...

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