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Default Arithmancy Lab

This old classroom looks as though it might have once been used as a potions lab or something similar. There are a number of tables in the middle of the room, each surrounded by three stools. Each table has a number of strange looking magical objects on it as well as numerous candles, magnifying glasses, prisms, and similar instruments. A number of very old books similarly line the walls, some are propped up on ancient wooden pulpits. A large desk sits at the front of the room with a large mirror positioned above it so that all students can properly see what the teacher is doing. When not in use, the door to the lab is firmly locked.

List of Devices and Spells Within Students' Books:
  • Put-Outer - This device removes the light from torches, lights, and any other illuminating device.
    Subjects Required: Arithmancy/Ancient Runes [simple], Transfiguration [simple], Charms [intermediate]
    • Variation; 'Put-Inner' (Functions largely the same, but is capable of restoring light to sources that have been put out), 'Put-Arounder' (Capable of removing and restoring light to simple sources).
  • 4 Pocket Back-Pack - This device is a simple backpack which has four large draw-strings. Each draw string opens a completely separate compartment, allowing the bag to function as four backpacks, but weighing only the same amount as a single, empty bag.
    Subjects Required: Arithmancy [intermediate], Charms [intermediate], Transfiguration [advanced]
  • Friend Finder - Shows how close your friends (up to five, entered manually) are. They appear as foggy, bright cloud-like people in the mirror.
    Subjects Required: Arithmancy [advanced], Charms [intermediate], Transfiguration [intermediate]

[OOC: Students are allowed to experiment and create any device on this list. Each device should take a significant amount of time. The class levels indicate how much knowledge is required for each item/spell. Students should RP appropriately, and ask for help necessarily to either I or others. More to come as I find time.]

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