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2098 Quidditch World Cup Held from June - August, the pinnacle of the wizarding world’s most popular sport is underway! Legends will be born and hearts will be broken, but will it be England or India that claims the Cup?!

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Default 2098 Quidditch World Cup Information


Tens of thousands of athletes, sport officials and reporters from all over the world will gather in the United Kingdom this summer to celebrate the global sports gala known as the Quidditch World Cup.
16 teams began their journey (Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Côte D'Ivoire, Egypt, England, Fiji, India, Ireland, Jamaica, Madagascar, Mexico, Portugal, Spain & Syria) to the Cup and after the first three rounds of play it was Brazil, Bulgaria, England, Fiji, India, Jamaica, Portugal, & Spain who moved on to the Final Stage of the competition. With Bulgaria defeating Brazil in the Bronze Match, it is now time to see just who brings home the Cup! The final showdown between England and India begins NOW!

Coach. : Filip Reid
Seeker : Nyx Higgs
Keeper : Pete Snow
Chaser : Lamberto Urupi
Chaser : Leontius McKay
Chaser : Renee Golzio
Beater : Cynthia Logan
Beater : Pavel Torben

Coach. : Anuja Chaudhary
Seeker : Meera Jain
Keeper : Priya Malviya
Chaser : Arjun Nagarkar
Chaser : Aparna Singh
Chaser : Raju Misra
Beater : Mayur Anand
Beater : Nila Deep

You are allowed to play your Ministry, Diagon Alley, and Hogwarts (once the students have completed the term) characters in this forum. Please be sure to make it clear which character is posting to avoid confusion of other RPers!

Please note that while this forum has only OOC become accessible recently, everything you see here has been IC accessibly since IC June. That includes the quidditch stadium and viewing other matches leading up to the final.
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Final Match RPing Rules & Guidelines

This game will be based on an RPed moves-and-results basis, similar to the rules of Virtual Quidditch. However, not every move is a sure success. When making a move you must make a full and complete post (No one liner post will be accepted). You must state your action, but not your outcome. When passing the quaffle or hitting a bludger the member you are passing or hitting at can state whether they caught or were hit. The Announcer account will pop in the redirect some quaffles and bludgers during the match, as well as state when the snitch is around. The Announcer account will be the one to state whether a team has scored or a keeper has saved it.

To summarize:
  • When making a move in Quidditch (passing, shooting, sending a Bludger, etc.), you can only post your intention – not the outcome.
  • You must rely on your fellow teammates to help complete each move as you had hoped, or on your opposition to foil your attempts.
  • Bullet posting (making multiple posts in immediate succession) are not allowed. You must make a full complete post, meaning no one-liners.
  • Post need to have full and clear details of the player's actions and be at least five sentences long to count as a full complete post.
  • To keep things fair and take some of the pressure off you to allow you to supply the match with quality posts, players may only post once per hour, this gives all players an equal amount of time to respond and helps account for the various timezones displayed among you red account RPers.
  • If a player has thrown the quaffle to a teammate the opposite team is allowed to make a full post stealing that quaffle if the other member hasn’t posted yet.

Here are some examples of CORRECT moves post:
Ryan leans down holding the quaffle under his arm. He could see the other team coming at him, but he did loop and leaned his broom going towards the left and looking for an open teammate. The match was intense and he didn’t know if they were going to win or not, but he was going to give it his all. Seeing a bludger coming at him and dodged again and almost lost the quaffle from his hands.

Moving quickly he steadied himself and looked around seeing Ashley open down the pitch and lifted his broom to get in the air a bit higher before moving quickly to throw the quaffle towards her before the other chasers could block him and steal the ball. Now that it was gone he leaned forward to head down the pitch to help.

Here are some examples of INCORRECT moves:
Ireland shoots and scores!

Norway passes the Quaffle and the pass is successful!

Ireland whacks a Bludger at the Norway chaser and it knocks the Quaffle out of her hands! Ireland with the Quaffle.

A result is the outcome of a move. The results of a move are determined by the next person who posts or The Announcer when that account is posted. Please really read past posts when you log on to make sure you fully understand where the game is at so you are posting correctly. Remember, you have time to read and make a thoughtful post with the hour between your own posts guideline

Here are some examples of an announcer post:
England’s Ryan makes a great throw and Germany’s Keeper just misses. Goal for England who is up by 10 now. The quaffle is picked up by the referee and is now back in play.

A loose bludger is going crazy through the pitch and it looks to be headed straight for the group of chasers headed down the field.
The Announcer will RP for all three balls in the match and be color coded accordingly.
black for the 2 bludger
Dark red for the quaffle
Gold for the snitch
Here is a simple breakdown of possible moves for each position:
  • Chaser: The Quaffle can be shot, scored, blocked, passed, caught, or intercepted. The Chaser can also fly down the pitch or dodge/get hit by bludgers.
  • Beater: The Bludger can be hit toward another team, make contact (knocking away the Quaffle), or be dodged.
  • Seeker: The Snitch can be sighted or be caught.

Also, there are a couple more additional rules that are very important:
  • Once your team is in possession of the Quaffle, THREE passes MUST occur prior to scoring (this can be accompanied by zooming, passing, etc.). In short, there must be FOUR moves to score: possession/passing, possession/passing, possession/passing, scoring. You can have more posts if players are zooming down the field without passing for the fun of the RP. This applies to each time the Quaffle changes possession. For example, if Norway loses possession and Ireland recovers the Quaffle, Ireland cannot immediately shoot.
  • Points made from illegal moves will not be counted.
  • You cannot be in invisible mode on SnitchSeeker during the duration of the game. In fact, we request you just not use it at all while playing your red account.
  • In the event that a players post the same time as someone else, these players may go back and edit that their post so as to not confuse the other players - this is the ONLY time posts should be edited in the game thread. However, the referee (The Announcer) will keep an eye out for these sorts of events and account for them as per the rules.

Catching the Snitch

There will be 3 Snitches to catch during the game, worth 50 points each. When The Announcer drops a Snitch hint in a post, it means that a Snitch () has been edited in one of the previous posts of the match thread. It is up to the seeker to spot it and quote it.

After each catch attempt, the snitch will be removed from the post to avoid confusion.

Only the seeker from each team can catch the snitch, again this needs to be a full complete post with saying they are grasping for it or reaching for it. The Announcer will be the one that states whether or not the Seeker caught the snitch.

The determination of whether or not the seeker caught the snitch will be done with a random generator to make it fair for both teams and account for all RPers' timezones.

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