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Default *facepalm* I forgot to get a chalkboard.

When noticing Noel entering the classroom, she gave her a quick nod and eyed her intently. She saw Noel getting a chalkbaord and then Alex realized that she had to get one as well. That just proved what a short attention span she had at the moment. Besides, there were other things to worry about right now.

Before getting up and and grabbing a chalkboard however, she ripped off a piece of parchment and scribbled something on it. With a small groan, she got up and walked by Noel's desk, dropping the note on her lap and making sure that no one noticed it.

The note simply read:
We need to talk.
Slowly, she walked on as if nothing happened. Alex took just a random chalkboard from the pile, turned around and walked back to her seat, keeping her eyes glued to the floor the whole time. Once she sat down, she gave Noel a glance and just as quickly her eyes once again rested on the Professor.