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Something seemed to flicker in Nadia's eyes at some point, particularly as Lainey trailed off. She shifted a bit uncomfortably, then looked up at the same patch Lainey was staring. "Don't worry, some of them, Slytherin, would do well to have it off their chest. I particularly feel it can be kind of cathartic. Mine is pretty much done though I believe I can edit out a couple of things... Anyways -"

Here she was suddenly alerted by the fact she had completely forgotten the other girl in the room and stared back at her, and then to the professor. "I really haven't got any further subjects to discuss with you... so, I think you are busy, so I leave you to be."

A bit rather lamely than she would have liked, Nadia excused herself that way, bow-nodding at the professor briefly. She turned at the door, then turned to exchange a small appologetical look for having taken so much time to Linnea, opened the door and turned around again, blabbed in one fast line, "luck for your next class, professor," nodding to the professor once more and disappering though the door as she closed it behind her.

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