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Nadia's shoulders slowly lowered a bit as she sighed in relief, as she listened feeling the tension leave her. It was then that Lainey had said "Now stand up and give me a hug". The tension all of the sudden was back, shoulders tense again and Nadia couldn't help stare as if Lainey had grown a second head. But she didn't have much of a choise or time to shake the expression of, well, surprise from her face; she was pulled up and into a hug next.

Feeling very awkward (well, this was a situation she didn't ever remember being) and growing hot in the face, Nadia kind of hugged the professor back. It was especially difficult here with the upper half of both arms kind of trapped in hers.

She felt in the need to say something further, whatever really, but something, and her lips moved mutely trying to mouth said something. In the end it was Lainey the one to pull back and address Nadia again, the student only managing to look back at her though her embarrassment. "No, it was no big deal," she muttered in a very small voice, feeling whatever she said suddenly stupid-sounding.

Actually, in a way this only made her feel more guilty. Lainey looked, dunno, emotional. How didn't she realize at class? Gulping, and feeling younger than her age, Nadia looked up and said, "You are feeling okay, professor?" Pardon if it sounded like she was questioning her sanity, Nadia was actually asking literally about the... whole thing.

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