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Nadia thought by 'two' Lainey meant Linnea and Raven so she didn't move. Hopefully. It appeared pretty clear Linnea would want some private time, like she prefered having herself. She younger girl's behavior did catch Nadia's attention, but couldn't think of a reason not to. A little at unease, Nadia walked forwards, taking a seat before the Professor's desk, arms around her body trunk.

"Yes, professor," she started, "er, as a matter of fact it's something related to last class. My outburst. It was out of place, I needed not to have said what I said. I - I wanted to appologize. I should have been more tactful. The pressure of the upcoming NEWTs... well, I didn't know my own rage and frustration. Point is, I shouldn't have."

She trailed off at the end, her eyes moving sideways to her side, to where Linnea was suppossed to be and with her face growing hot. Her ars relaxed a bit and she was not looking at her lap, rather concentrated. In the back of her mind she wondered and fidgetted with something in her inner pocket, the draft to the last HoM assigment.

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