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Originally Posted by Ty
Lainey approached her office after spending some time with Rae and yet another visit to those dreaded dungeons. She found a nice little crowd waiting outside of it. "You all should just go on in. Much nicer in there than out here," Lainey said as she passed them and opened the door. She held it open for the girls to come in. "What can I do for you two lovely ladies today? I hope this isn't about class," Lainey added, sounding a bit worried.
Linnea was a little uneasy with Nadia there, she had wanted to be alone with Lainey. She followed Lainey in and gestured to Nadia, "Please, go first. I don't mind waiting." Suddenly, Linnea wished she could hide under the rug. Or maybe in Aldur's Tree in the Vale. Yes, that place was always peaceful.

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