Thread: Speculation & Theory: What is the cheesiest scene from the movies?
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Originally Posted by karen_ginger
in general it has to be all the long gazes that they do...

but in POA the thing dan does with his mouth when he is emant to be crying Gah both make me cringe
I agree The part when Malfoy was teasing Hermione and Harry about the dementors and going,"Wooooo, Wooooooo!" over and over was kind of babyish. Maybe 8 year olds would do that sort of thing but not 13 year olds. COME ON! And also the way Harry and the others took it was kind of dumb. A bit overreacted. They had these looks on their faces that were like YOU ARE SO MEAN, MEANIE MALFOY! GRRRR! GRRR! SO ANGRY! GRRR! If it were me, I would've been like, Kid, you're retarted. Get friends. He probably would've burst into tears though and be like YOU ARE SOOOO MEAN! I'M TELLING MY DADDY! HMMPH! I'd like to see that happen...
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