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Professor Lainey listened intently to Diana. She had to smile at the story and the way Diana was telling it. Sounded like the students were quite adventurous in spite of the Ministry Officials. "It sounds to me that you both were in danger. I'm glad you're alright though. I'd never forgive myself if something happend to you with me inside this castle. Granted I was chained to a wall by a fat man and a nerd and unable to do anything... but I was still here." Lainey grinned and stood, moving towards the door. She'd noticed the note slip underneath it and quickly picked it up and pocketed it. "I'm about to start class, Diana. You should come." Professor Lainey smiled and opened the door, catching a glimpse of Zekke's back as he left. She let Diana out and headed off to her classroom, keeping the note in her pocket for safe keeping until later.
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