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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Rollo Michael Chou (M, current), Ceci & Diana Wei

"Well..." Diana looked up to the ceiling thoughtfully, trying to remember the first time she met Mickey. "About three years ago, when the term was over with several losses (or so have I heard), I have met Mickey on the Express when I was unfortunate enough to have my luggage ousted out of the compartment by a group of boys in my absence when I went to buy refreshments. Chimi, my scopes owl, had told me she had tried her best to fend them off. But anyways, it just so happened that Mickey was passing by. He was kind enough to lend a hand when I told him what had happened.

"Now towards the end of last term, during this rescue mission, I just so happened to be in the RoR discussing my past experiences with the ministries with Erica, a Hufflepuff. I didn't know what was going to happen at the time, but for some reason, I just had this sudden feeling, a climax, that something wasn't quite right: the RoR had locked in on us confirmed my worry when I wanted some fresh air. The room unlocked after a minute or two, and we both went our separate ways.

"I put on my invisibility cloak, thinking that there still might be danger within the halls, when I spotted Mickey in the hallways. I don't remember what he did then, but what I do know is that he was exposing himself to danger. To my greatest mistake, I quickly prodded him with the bottom end of my wand and whispered what he was doing out there. Why? It's because I didn't see Professor McAiken in the corridors and ended up getting stunned. I thought the professor must've have really fine-tuned ears to hear me whisper that soft.

"Minutes, or perhaps hours later, I knew I lost track of time then, I groggily recovered from the spell. Coincidentally, I realised Mickey was stunned by the professor as well and was already stirring. I prodded him once more, but instead of speaking, I quickly covered my cloak over him and kept him from yelling out, and then let him know it was me. Once I had let go of him, I asked him what he was doing out there. He told me he was just as stressed out as I am because of all these rules, but a slightly bit more. I offered him to spy on the rescue group ahead of us under my cloak, but he refused. Suddenly, he decided to be a jerk and shouted out a spell, a spell I couldn't make out, and lightening emitted out of his wand. Horrified, I grabbed Mickey and fled around the nearest corner. As a result, he got Silenced by someone in the group ahead of us, I believe, some Slytherin Prefect. He still refused my offer. Furious at his stubborness, I said, "Fine, be that way, expose yourself to danger," so I simply left him without undoing the spell the prefect place on him." She paused.

"To be honest, I don't think that's what I said, and I think I might be missing somewhere in there."
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