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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sirius Potter
Fourth Year

McAike walks down the hall on his way to his office. He notices a chair by his door and the robe of a Hufflepuff. He could not see the face but his guess was either Lee or Terry had their way to his office after the Feast. He had hoped to slip in his office and his quarters for some last planning for his first class. That could wait.

He continues to walk and can soon see it is Terry who is waiting. "Hello Terry," he said from a few yards away. "Get all the first years up to the Common Room and in their assigned room? I didn't expect to see you until tomorrow morning."

McAiken removed his wand and stepped towards the door. Knowing Terry would be listening, the professor used the chance to practice his unspoken command technique. So many witches and wizards never really learn to control their magical abilities fully, instead they relied on only spoken command techniques. Concentrating on the spell, he tapped the door three times, then lifted the latch and entered his office.

"Come in, and we'll chat over a cup of cocoa," he suggested to the prefect.
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