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Terry walks down the hall reading Professor Rae's letter as she went. She is pleased Professor Rae trusts her enough to give her the secret password to her office, but right now Terry didn't want to discuss her concerns with her. Professor Rae is head mistress now and any imformation she give would have to comply with the Ministry's slant on things. Past experience had taught her the Ministry has their own truth, and it sometimes has nothing to do with the real truth. Before she knows it Terry finds herself standing in front of Professor McAiken's office. She had promised Nobel she would come and check on him when she got to Hogwarts. The look of satisfaction on Helena's face led Terry to believe she had probably given Nobel some trouble on the trip to Hogwarts. Helena is a little jealous of him. Terry knocks on the door, but no one answers. She then tries to open it, but soon discovers Professor McAiken has placed a sealing charm on the door. It only took him two terms to figure out he should seal his office. Terry gets her wand out. A sealing charm should not be too hard to neutralize. Then she notices some first year Slytherins walking down the hall. Maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea to circumvent the professor's security measures. Terry also remembers she promised her father she would behave herself this term. How did he put it. Idle hands tend to get you in trouble. Which reminded her, she needs to talk to Professor McAiken about the extra lessons he promised to give her. "Well if I'm going to have to wait for him I might as well be comfortable," Terry thinks to herself. She waves her wand and a comfortable chair from the Professor's office apears. "I hope he won't be too long."
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