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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Sirius Potter
Fourth Year

McAiken enters his study and hangs up his cloak and hat on the pegs beside the door. He is tired, because of the trip from King's Crossing. Now he knew why the Head Boy and Head Girl was always in charge of the Hogwart's Express trip. He crosses the study and enters his private quarters. He needs to change clothes before the Opening Feast which would begin in 30 minutes. He selects his formal kilt to wear to the feast. He quickly changes and is soon ready. Looking in a mirror he adjust the sporran around his waist and his waist coat. Satisfied he would pass, he leaves his quarters and reseals the door. He crosses the study removing his formal hat from its peg and places it on his head. He opens the door and exits the study. The last thing he does is seal the door. He learned in his first term back at Hogwarts he needed to seal the doors against entry by others. He heads down the halls towards the Great Hall.
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