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I sat and watched Stevie and Kira talking to each other in a low voice, I hoped that Stevie would get through it soon and we would be able to become friends again. I knew if anyone, other then me, could talk her around it would be Kira. My mum had just sat down next to me, trying to calm Tudor down.
"He's a loud little tyke" I said with a grin, then added in a whisper, "Lucky he didn't get Krum's nose" My mum laughed, then after a few moments her face became emotionless again.
"Where's Birgit?" She asked. I stared at her for a moment,
"She's upset. She feels guilty" Before quickly adding, "about Jason"
"Right" She said sadly, "And, are you okay?"
"I broke up with Stevie" I said, she didn't seemed too sad to hear this, "I guess... I guess that I'm just not..." I paused, it was awkard to say it.
"Inlove with her?" She asked, understanding with just a glance, "I know Will. I know how it feels to be with someone, but be inlove with someone else" I stared at her,
"You weren't inlove with Dad?" I asked, breathless. Her eyes went wide,
"No! Oh no! Not that, I meant... I meant when I was in high school. Ofcoarse I loved your father! Don't be rediculous" She said hastily.

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