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I couldn't sleep at all that night. The moment I closed my eyes, I felt sick and saw hooded figures, aka Dementors, coming closer to me. Oh, what had I done? Was there any way to go back in time? I'd change so much. I wouldn't let it get down to this. I had thought this so much before, but still, I didn't recognise myself anymore. Thinking back to what I used to be, only the shell was left. Someone else was living in my body. Why won't no one stop me? I am a danger to everyone, I should be... And again it came back to Azkaban. I lied in my bed the whole night, staring at the cealing above me. I had to do something. Maybe the best thing for me would be if I never used any magic again, then I wouldn't be able to do Dark magic either, right? The morning came and I heard someone waking up, I turned my back to whoever it was in my bed, acting as if I was asleep, when actually I wasn't. How could I sleep with all there horrible things I had done were spinning infront of my eyes; the flash of green light going off over and over and over again. And then there was Percy's body in front of me, motionless all over, except for his lips: his dead eyes were glassed on me, and the lips, with no voice, mouthed: Murderer!
I heard everyone in the room leave one by one, yet I didn't. It would be safer for everyone to just keep away from me. And now that Hermione was having a baby, I couldn't possibly let myself near the baby, who knows what I might do without even knowing it. God knows I don't want to hurt anyone. I never wanted to hurt anyone, even more so kill someone. I had no explanation to what had taken me to those things. Maybe I was under an Imperious curse without even knowing it? I would hope I was, but somehow I knew I was not.

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