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"No!" I snapped at Stevie angrily, "You don't know what you are talking about, that was in the past! That's over!" I didn't care what Stevie said, I trusted B and she told me that she wasn't invovled in dark magic, therefore she wasn't involved in dark magic.
Draco was now watching me a smirk across his face,
"Miss Potter is, once again, dead wrong" Draco explained. "Now, I ask that you lot remain quiet as I don't wish to deal with you until later thisevening. Don't make me crucio you before I have to kill you, Potter, because I have a head ache and your screaming will only make it worse" He turned to Percy, a look on his face as if he was addressing a client. "Weasley, did you follow my orders?"
"Yes, sir" Percy replied in a drawling tone.
"So that filthy giant, he has left Hogwarts?" Draco asked.
"What did you do to Hagrid?" Jason said very suddenly, Kira looking at him shocked. Draco rolled his eyes,
"What did I say about you lot staying quiet?" Draco sighed, he raised his wand and pointed it at him, "Longbottom isn't it? This won't take much at all, Avada Kedavra"
I let out a shout, jumping sideways and pushing Kira to the ground, I could feel Luke also falling by my side. Kira must have grabbed him aswell. I looked up, Stevie and B where staring over at us, their eyes wide. I turned around to see Jason lieing down on his back, his eyes shut, not moving at all.
"J-Jason?" I whispered, my heart pounding.

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