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I turned away from Kira and Stevie and faced Luke, smiling at him. It had been a long year and I had gotten to know him a lot more then other people in our school that I had met in our first year.
"There's something I should tell you" Luke said, in an almost whisper, "But you can't tell Kira cause I don't think she wants her to know"
"What is it?" I asked, lowering my voice as the girls chatted behind us.
"Well... with Dad in jail, Mum doesn't see us being in England as being very useful, and shes talking about moving back to Canada over the summer" Luke leaned in closer, "That means Kira might be coming too, she is still Mum's legal right and--" He stopped mid-sentance, I thought it was because of the look of shock on my face, but it was actually because Jason Longbottom had come running in shouting.
"There you are!" He leant on the couch, taking in deep breaths. "I just... the Minister! I didn't know who else to tell without Mc Gonagall here!"
"What is it?" I asked, jumping to my feet in shock, "What about Percy?"
"He's meant to be missing! But I just saw him! Can you believe my shock when I spotted him flying in through a window on the seventh floor! No one was around and he walked around and dissapeared into a door. I went to find the door but it... well, it vanished!" He said, talking very quickly.
"Seventh floor?" I asked, turning to the girls, "It's the room of requirement!" The six of us all paused for a moment, deep in thought.

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